The site now contains images from my fourth exhibition, Graphical Landscapes, at Gallery Omizubata (web site:; click for GoogleMap ) in Karuizawa, August 16-17, 2017.  I hope you will drop by if you will be in the area during the show.  Meanwhile, please view the images included in the show by clicking on the image above

Graphical Landscapes

Traditional painters created the illusion of three dimensional depth on the two dimensional surface of a canvas by including well-defined foreground, middle ground and back ground subjects to enhance the illusion of three dimensions. Landscape photographers often use these same techniques to compose scenes giving the viewer a sense of scale.

Much of my landscape work over the past year has focused on more graphic images. These photographs rely less on the illusion of depth. Instead, they try to appeal to the viewer through an interplay of shape and color in two dimensions. This approach also borrows from painting, including modern abstract art. 

The internet has made the sharing of images from great landscape locations widely available and can be challenging to present a fresh view.  Graphic landscapes sometimes offer opportunities to show something different.  Images of this graphic type form the majority of my work presented in this exhibition. I hope you enjoy them. 

Christopher J. LaFleur


•8月6日(日曜 )〜 8月17日(木曜)

•場所:ギャラリー御水端 (軽井沢町旧軽井沢2337   tel.0267-31-6125 GoogleMap クリックしてください)。

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クリストファー J.  ラフルアー